Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Team

Comics creator clockwise Sunder Mohan Murmu, Manas Baruah, Amrith Basumathary, Sharad Sharma and Leif Packalen (both resource persons), Rajeshwari Saha, Nida Shams, Lakhindra Nayak

comics in original size

Charle's Nida Shams

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the comics

An idea can change your Rajeshwari

Cricket Lakhindra Nayak

123 Aisa Sunder Mohan

ALCOHOL-your reason Manas Baruah

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Comics for fun is a movement with comics creators who believe in "comics power". they pool in their thoughts in visual story form. The comics created are simply interesting accounts experienced by them and carries thoughts that the creators wonder. These mini-booklets are form of expression presented through black and white graphics .

The comics are made by photocopying, and they are self-published.